A Quechua Polo Book Volume 4 - "The Smart Game"

A Quechua Polo Book Volume 4 - "The Smart Game"


Within only one year this A Quechua book "The Smart Game" hit the sales volumes of the other A Quechua polo books.

"Incredible descriptions, tools and tricks for playing arena polo!" states PIPA president Italy Benjamin Polledo, who will soon be able to present the A Quechua books in Italian language.

As 2014 and 2016 Snow Polo World Champion and winner of many other polo tournaments PIPA president Dr. Uwe Seebacher does know all about strategy and tactics in grass but also arena polo. This book for the first time ever presents Player Evaluation templates as well as Polo Evaluation grides. Don´t miss to get your eBook of this 4th volume of the A Quechua polo book series.

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