In 2016, the POLO INSTRUCTOR AND PLAYER ASSOCIATION launched the PIPA SEASONAL MAGAZINS to offer tournament and event organizers an international and professional journalistic and NOT PAID medium for promoting and featuring their high calibre events. In addition, the magazines deliver informative and polo relevant content and topics for those who are interested in or work in the field of polo.

These PTM Magazins feature the worldwide best and most important polo events on all different fields - ARENA, BEACH, GRASS and SNOW. The features are for free. The magazines are available at airlines, airport lounges, selected high-end shops and outlets, leading hotels and resorts and at all major polo events around the world.

Companies can book their advertisement space. Event organizers but also polo clubs can submit their information together with two to three high resolution pictures to

At the myAQuechua online store you can register for free for receiving one of the different magazines - for free!*

*Only Shipping has to be paid

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