Beach Polo Chronograph LIM. EDITION


Polo is a full contact sport. Thus, a Polo Player's watch has to be shock resistant and very robust. The A Quechua Chukker Timer is the only watch offering all those prerequisites plus a list of additional very important features such as:

  • Chukker Timer with 7.30 minute markers to know exactly how much time is left in the chukker. This is essential for team tactics and strategies.
  • Goal Counter that is easy to use when playing with gloves, as the lunette is the goal indicator. Just twist the lunette a fraction of a turn and always know your goal count.
  • All buttons can be locked with atwistable mechanism. This ensures that during the game no settings can change nor theChukker Timer will stop.

The A Quechua Chukker Timer come with a very exclusive wodden case. You also receive your certificate for the Calibre 745 mechanism, which is the same that is used for other brands' top-models such as Rolex or IWC.

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