Bronchicalma 5x40g

Bronchicalma 5x40g



The natural substances by which BRONCHICALAM is composed have a very strong balsamic action that is complemented by expectorant, antiseptic and emollient actions.

These are extremely important for the relief of congestive respiratory disorders.

BRONCHICALMA used to free bronchi before the race.
BRONCHICALMA used as assistant to treat the respiratory infections.  
BRONCHICALMA used as bronchi dilator for horses and camels.  
BRONCHICALMA is composed of an equilibrated blend carefully ground and mixed in Dextrose carrier.


Mixture of the following medicinal plants and herbs: 

Althaea officinails L., Verbascum Thapsus L., Eucalyptus Globulus Labill., Glycrrhiza Glabra L., Thymus Vulgaris, Lichen Islandicus L., Malva Parvifolia, Plantago Lanceolata L.


For Camels and Horses:

  • 40 grams should be administered over a period of 5 days.
  • 60-80 grams should be given before the race to free bronchi.
  • Smaller animals: 10 gm per 100 KG of body weight.

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