E 60.000

E 60.000



E 60.000 supports the metabolism of the heart- and skeleton muscles. That way the performance and fitness of the racing animal is improved. E 60.000 also relieves from stiffness and tensions of the muscles especially of the back muscles.

VITAMIN E is a fat-soluble vitamin that should be part of the daily diet of racing animals.
VITAMIN E is a well-known anti-oxidant catching the "free radicals" which are responsible for cell damages especially of racing animals.
VITAMIN E also plays an important role in the cell metabolism.

A deficiency of VITAMIN E leads to degeneration of muscles and heart function. Another important ingredient of E 60.000 is Selenium; a lack of this component may lead to stiffness and lameness. Lysine, the 3rd component is essential for the muscle metabolism.


Vitamin E (60,000 mg per kg), Selenium, L-Lysine


Foals, yearling and ponies: 20 gm (1 measure spoon) per day. 
Racing Horses and racing Camels: 40 gm (2 measure spoon) per day.

Due to the concentration of selenium should be not fed more than 20 gm per 100 kg of body weight

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